Private In-Home Training

Individualized Training for Puppies and Older Dogs

Private training is designed to teach you how to train your dog and work through a personalized program to accomplish your specific goals. AngelDogs works with dogs of all ages, from new puppies to adult dogs and rescues. We can teach you how to address common issues such as puppy mouthing, jumping, nipping, barking in the house/on leash, or basic manners and obedience. Your participation in the process is very important and is the key to ensure lasting behavioral change in your dog. You are the one your dog will look to for guidance throughout his life, AngelDogs is here to help.


1-hour consultations $150.00
1-hour training session $150.00

Private In-Home Training Packages:
5 sessions once a week for 5 weeks each session is 1 hour cost $600.00
8 sessions twice a week for 4 weeks each session is 30 min to 45 min cost $750.00

Get Training For Behavior Issues Such As…

- Separation Anxiety
- Fear and Reactivity
- Building Confidence
- Aggression
- Improving relationships with other pets in the home
- Jumping
- Nipping
- Pulling on Leash

Deaf Dog Training

Training a deaf puppy or dog is not much different than training a hearing dog, it just requires a few adjustments. Deaf dogs will rely on hand signals to understand what you want from them. Private training is particularly beneficial for training deaf dogs because the trainer can give owners their undivided attention. Our goal at AngelDogs is to help owners build confidence while answering all their questions and leading them to feel empowered as their dog’s leader.

Professional Guidance

When you choose AngelDogs, you get access to a certified professional trainer with years of experience. Mark has completed multiple training programs and volunteered with shelters and rescues around Los Angeles to help dogs transform and find their forever homes. In addition to volunteering and working with a variety of behavioral issues, Mark regularly attends seminars and conferences to continue his education. AngelDogs will guide you through whatever challenge you and your dog are facing.

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