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Dogs are more than just pets for many of us, they become our companions and family members. We want them to be successful and thrive in a world that is not structured for a dog’s instinct. Training opens up a new world of possibilities for many families and AngelDogs believes every dog deserves a chance to be their best. Every dog holds a unique personality and their training journey will be just as unique. AngelDogs utilizes positive training to guide you through the process of learning how to train your dog, so you can lead them for life. We will mark good behaviors or desired responses with rewards, while correcting undesired behaviors without punishment. The success we see with positive training looks like happy dogs, happy humans, and strong bonds between the dogs and their humans.

Training With Patience and Compassion

Why positive training? Dogs respond to love, kindness, rewards and compassion. This is the basis for all dog training that AngelDogs offers, which focuses on using positive reinforcement to get the desired behavior from your dog. Positive training rewards good behavior and modifies behavior issues through corrections without punishment. At AngelDogs we know every dog is capable of learning, regardless of their age, physical abilities, or what they experienced prior to their life in your home. In addition to offering group classes and private training, our founder Mark specializes in training for deaf dogs.

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We Lead You, So You Can Lead Them

AngelDogs Training is a Santa Clarita-based business that gives owners and their dogs a strong foundation for life. Through positive reinforcement training, our clients learn how to communicate with their dog and be their leader. AngelDogs can help any dog owner that is committed to their dog. Our programs cover basics like obedience and off leash training, as well as working through specific issues such as barking, nipping, or aggression. In the community you can find us volunteering with animal rescues, LA County shelters, and implementing the Paws for Life Prison Program. The Paws for Life program, which is sponsored by Karma Rescue, trains inmates to become trainers and provide free training for dogs living in county shelters.

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