Meet AngelDogs Founder Mark Tipton

My name is Mark Tipton and I live in Santa Clarita, California but train with dogs and their owners around the Los Angeles area. In 2008 my wife started to put together a mobile spay/neuter program, named AngelDogs Foundation, which rolled out in April 2009. My retirement from the City of Los Angeles was approaching and I was searching for a second career, which led me to dog training. Little did I know that I would absolutely LOVE working with dogs. I firmly believe that this is the greatest thing I have accomplished so far in my lifetime. It is immensely rewarding to see a dog respond to your leadership and show that he/she trusts you. It’s hard to explain the depth of how meaningful it is to watch the dogs I train progress in their bonds, training, and overall trust. My wife and I have been involved in dog rescue since 2001 and specialize in helping deaf dogs.

In addition to AngelDogs, I volunteer at Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles. This is where I met Mighty Mike, my first success story. Mike was in rescue for over a year and had a painful past, having killed 4 dogs and injured another who was in the hospital for several months. I worked with Mike for 6 months and am happy to share that he found a forever home in June 2009. Downtown Dog Rescue is a great place to continue my education because every dog has different needs and I continue to learn different strategies to help them find success. I believe continued education is very important and I will always learn more from working with these dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes. In addition to volunteering with Downtown Dog Rescue, I volunteer at the Los Angeles County animal shelters and continue to attend seminars in order to stay on top of new and improved techniques. I hold multiple certifications and value continuing my education to better serve my clients and their dogs.

Whatever your dog’s need is, we can design a program that finds success and turns them into your own angel dog.

Common programs include:
- Standard Obedience Training
- Off Leash Obedience
- Behavior Modification
- Behavior Management
- Aggression Control and Management
- Group Classes

My Certifications

I started my journey in September 2008 with Animal Behavior College and completed my studies in May 2009. After ABC, I attended Raise with Praise Teacher Training Program with Paul Owens(the original Dog Whisperer) and completed the program in June 2010. Following this, I completed CPDT-KA in March 2011 and ABC Mentor Trainer in September 2011.

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