Dog Training Services

Training for Every Dog

AngelDogs believes any dog can find success and be trained like an angel. While some dogs have never been trained, others have already had some sort of training already. In this case, it becomes even more necessary to analyze and know what type of instruction your dog needs. A certified dog trainer, like our founder Mark Tipton, can assess your dog and place him or her in the appropriate level of training program. 

We offer group classes for puppies, which establishes good social skills and basic obedience, as well as classes for older dogs at varying skill levels. Whether you have welcomed a young puppy or an adult dog into your home, there is always time for them to learn.

Obedience Comes at Different Levels

Obedience classes are the first step for many dog owners, for good reason. These classes provide a foundation for future skills and help new dogs bond with their owners. A dog who has mastered obedience responds to hand signals, enjoys walking and remaining beside the owner at all times (even without a leash) and maintains focus on his/her human without getting distracted. As a basic resource when you consider dog training or obedience classes for your dog, AngelDogs offers the following when you consider the different levels of training you can give your pet:

  • Basic dog training is meant for beginner dogs — either a puppy or a grown-up dog that is being trained for the first time. This level includes only the basics, i.e. “sit,” “stay” and come when called. Even at the basic level, the dog should be trained to socialize with other dogs and people in a proper way.
  • Intermediate level dog training is for those adult dogs that have undertaken the basics either formally or at home by their humans. During this class we focus on preparing the dogs to pass the Canine Good Citizen test, which is the first step to beginning service or therapy dog work. This intermediate type of training may train a dog to heel, walk properly on a leash, fetch something and return. It also enhances the basics of “sit,” “stay,” “come,” etc. During the final class, Mark tests each dog and they may receive their CGC certificate from the AKC if they pass.
  • Advanced level dog training is meant for dogs who have successfully passed through a minimum of at least one dog training course or graduated from dog obedience classes. Here, in the advanced level, the different elements of the basic and intermediate courses are enhanced and commands (including hand signals) are mastered.
Get Private Training with a Professional

Private training gives you the undivided attention of a professional trainer to learn how to train your dog. This is a popular service and is often the path to success for specific behavior modifications. For clients that have a new puppy in the home, it’s common to focus on potty training and good manners. Clients with an older dog or adopted adult dog may wish to focus on specific things like jumping, nipping, aggression, or barking. We come to your home and start the work wherever they need it most.

Professional Board and Train

AngelDogs also provides board and train services, which allows your dog to work with Mark privately for an extended period of time(typically a few weeks). Each case requires a specific plan so please contact us directly to discuss your dog’s needs and what goals you would like to accomplish with a Board and Train program.

Start Training with Group Classes

These 5-week classes cover the basics and offer your dog opportunities to learn proper socialization. Puppies taking group classes are required to have all of their vaccinations before beginning. We offer group training multiple times per year at both Beginner and Intermediate levels.