How To Teach Your Dog Advanced Recall

As you continue to work with your dog, you’ll want to teach him or her more advanced techniques, such as Advanced Recall.  This is where you’ll work on increasing the distance between you and your dog, while still being in control.

Working with Advanced Recall

  • Have your dog sit or lay down ask your dog to stay.
  • Walk 30 feet away from your dog and drop a treat on the ground.
  • Walk back to your dog tell your dog to find it. As your dog starts to go toward the treat call your dog back to you when the dog comes to you praise and treat your dog then send your dog to get the treat on the ground.
  • The key to this exercise is to call your dog back to you immediately after sending them to find it.
  • As your dog starts to respond let the dog go a little closer to the treat then recall. If the dog is unable to recall go back to the point where the dog was successful do it three times at this distance then increase the distance.